Not looking for a relationship just lots of casual sex

I heard that guys in Cromer are total freaks but I haven’t come across a single one during my dating adventures. Here’s a little about me – I’m a single white lady in my late twenties and I’m of average build. I have a house, car and a great career that keeps me way too busy for a traditional relationship but just because I’m busy, it doesn’t mean I don’t have certain needs that need to be taken care of if you catch my drift so maybe you’re a single guy who is too busy with his career or just got out of a bad situation and aren’t ready to jump into another situation but don’t want to become a recluse in between girlfriends, whatever your situation is, I’m not here to judge but to offer a solution – what if we become each other’s sex contacts?

You come to me when you’re horny and you’re my first call when I want to get it on. It’s a win-win situation and best of all, it’s emotion free. Please be height and weight proportionate and please have something going for you. I don’t pay to play and I’m not interested in paid escorts, just regular chicks who want to have some casual fun.

Lonely blonde older lady looking for companionship

The sad truth is I’m lonely, so lonely in fact that I’m turning to the internet to find a companion. I’m an older lady currently residing in Lake District and I’m interested in someone local so I don’t have to drive too far just to have a meal or spend some time together. All my kids are grown and I just realized that I spent a great deal of time being devoted to them and their needs and now that I’m in this new phrase of my life with almost zero responsibilities, it’s time to focus on me and my needs. Besides myself, I’d also like to focus on you.

Maybe you’re as lonely as I am. Maybe you’re an empty nester too or maybe you just got a divorce or become widowed. Whatever your situation is doesn’t concern me as long as you’re willing to get to know me. Maybe we can go to the movies together or go out to dinner every other night. I’m an amazing cook and it would be an honor to cook you a meal. Let’s help each other be a little less lonely.