Older Swansea slut loves her nylons

I’m Penny from Swansea.  I’m an older lady.  I don’t think I come under the MILF category, but I’m not sure.  I’m in my 50s but I’m still well horny and up for anything I can get my hands on (preferably a nice young cock if I can).  Being a Swansea older lady is a distinct advantage when it comes to having casual sex with younger men.  I find that the majority of them don’t know the first thing about fucking, even though they might think they do.  They always leave me knowing a little bit more.  You don’t get to my age without learning a few tricks to keep the men in your life happy you know.

Talking of which, there are no men in my life at the moment (permanent ones anyway).  So if you had any concerns about that you can forget it.  You can also forget wanting a relationship with me, I’m not interested.  I’m into nylons in a big way, and I’m also into dressing up in sexy outfits and uniforms.  I am a big believer in the fact that if you’re going to have casual sex with a stranger, then you may as well let yourself go a little!  I intend to let myself go thoroughly when I get my hands on even more guys out there.  Let’s have some fun.