Men 40+ wanted for horny young slapper

I was always attracted to older men since i was a young adult… Some call it daddy issues, but I just think that older man are more confident they are more secure and they know more that any other horny stud who just turned 25! So this being said, with the help of this dating ad, I would like to meet older guys, possibly 40+ who live in Norfolk, if possible in Attle! There will be a lot of you who think you know what you do, but believe me, you don’t! If you aren’t at least 40 years old, don’t even bother! I won’t even respond to you! I am not wasting my time with boys, I am fishing for the real guys! If you meet my requirements we will definitely have a great time! If you make me feel comfortable and wanted, I will surely do the same with you! So once more! guys, if you are from Attle, Norfolk, and if you are at least 40+ send me a message!

Date a bored married housewife

I am looking for someone who lives in Appleby-in-Westmorland, who is around 35 years old, single and who isn’t a jerk like almost all of men! I know it is hard to find someone who is actually worth the effort at this age, most of you guys who are normal and nice are probably engaged, married or in a relationship, but still I am hoping that finally, after so many jerks in life I’ll find someone special! He doesn’t have to be special in any way, just a decent guy, who is kind, has a good sense of humor and who isn’t a jerk when it comes to relationships and women in general! If you know how to treat women, you are my kind of type! If you live in the county of Cumbria, even better! In this case if you are interested in meeting me, feel free to send a message!

Single and in need of a date this valentines day

I had one dating ad not long ago, but since that didn’t work out as I planned it would, here I am again, looking for the special one once more… Since last time when I put up the ad I wasn’t really specific enough, I will be this time! I am looking for guys who are possibly 20-25 years old, and who are from Acton Greater London! I don’t want to meet anyone from outside London, so please if you don’t live here, don’t get in touch with me! Last time I got a ton of messages from people who live 200 or even 300km from me, which I didn’t really understand but at least they were kind enough to message me… (thank you I guess) So as I mentioned, this time I am only looking for guys from the county of London! The ideal is this… You live next door, we can hang out as much as we like, but basically anyone who is from London will “do the job” hehe

Submissive in Daventry is looking for a new master

Hi, I am 41 years old living in Northamptonshire and am already in a relationship. My current relationship is strong, he is my lover, my friend and my master and yes, he does know I have set up this profile. My lover is not a greedy man and he wants to share me with others. I am not a tall skinny super model, just a real woman with real womanly curves so if this is not for you then that’s fine. I am only looking to play the submissive role in the relationship, I have no interest at all in being the dom.

I am looking for a single male OVER THE AGE OF 40, who has some previous experience in this area, I am able to travel throughout the Northamptonshire area or can accommodate too. Obviously playing the submissive in any relationship involves trust and respect and this is a must, there is very little that I am not open to but would like to set any boundaries beforehand and will expect you to stick to them. So if you are a master who is seeking a Daventry submissive, then please do get in touch.