Chubby Milton Keynes mom wants sexy fun

My name is Mary and I’m a Milton Keynes mom who is looking for some sexy fun with men from in and around the area.  I’m not a slag or anything, I just think that I should be allowed my taste from all the fellas out there.  I want to have no strings sexual relationships please, and that does not mean being able to tell me what to do or where to go and with whom.  I have been down this road with my ex and I am no longer interested in a relationship like this.
That said, I’m a fun loving and very happy person who does not get hung up on what people are and what they look like etc.

I am a very accepting individual and I’ll gladly spend sexy time with you whether you’re tall, short, black, white, chubby or thin.  It’s the person inside that counts.  And there is one particular thing on the outside that’s important to a very sexual relationship of course; and this had to work properly!  LOL!  I hope we understand each other perfectly, I’m not making it too difficult am I?  So when you’re ready for a little extra fun with a Milton Keynes mom like me, get in touch and we can meet up to discuss where you want to take this thing.  Personally, I’d like to take it to the bedroom, but the lounge and the kitchen are fine!  LOL!