Bored slut wife Jessica needs some fun

How do start something like this?  I’ve never written an adult advert before.  Rotherham bored wife looking for no strings sex during the day.  That sounds about right doesn’t it?  I suppose it does.  Well there you go then, that’s me.  I am a slut wife living in Rotherham, who wants to meet strangers for no strings sexy fun.  I am so desperate for a good fucking I can barely hold myself in.  If I don’t get my hands on some decent cock soon I’ll explode; honestly I will.

My husband is alright, he just doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with me.  I’ve told him that what he provides is enough, but it’s nowhere near good enough.  I know that it would hurt him to realise that he can’t satisfy me, he’s older than me and not very good at it to be honest.  This is why I want to get some more.  I won’t leave him ever, so this would have to be a no strings (strictly) relationship and on my own terms, not yours.  If this doesn’t interest you then move on.  If it does then please do get in touch soon, I don’t think I can take it anymore to be honest.  There’s only so much a dildo can do you know!

Married Preston wife Grace WLTM kinky swingers

My name is Grace and I’m one part of a happily married couple that is currently seeking a group of swingers in Preston to hang out with (quite literally!)  This Preston married couple are prepared to travel a little if we need to, but we’d rather be in Preston if we can because we both work here and need to be around for this and that.  We’re free most weekends and ready to get into the swing of things!  My usual sense of humour is much better than that I can assure you!

My husband’s name is Barry and we want to make it very clear that we are both very committed to the swingers scene and don’t want you to be worried about discretions etc.  We’ve been part of the swingers scene for a number of years before we moved to Preston from Rayleigh in Essex.  We know the dos and don’ts, and we’re desperate to find a group of like minded people, or just another couple we can swing with.  It’s loads of fun if you haven’t tried it.  Perhaps if you’re new to the idea then we can help you out with it.  Please get in touch and we’ll soon be having lots of fun together.