Enjoy outdoor dogging sessions with this horny nymph

My name is Pamela.  I’m fit and good looking and ready now to meet some real men.  I’ve recently got myself out of an awfully dull relationship and now all I want is to meet some good fucking partners.  This is why I started dogging the other month.  There are loads of Plymouth outdoor dogging spots to go to and I’ve been taking full advantage of them.  My favourite is to stay in my car playing with myself whilst random men stick their cocks through the window for me to play with and suck on.  I love to suck cock, it’s my favourite.

It’s not just dogging I’m after now though, even though I love it so much.  I’m after a casual sex encounters all over the place, and not just outdoors either.  This cold weather makes me want to take these guys back to the flat and fuck them, but there are always too many dogging buddies and I don’t want to play favourites!  I would like to meet someone who would like to meet for casual sex only.  I don’t want any relationships at all.  Not even dinner dates or movies or anything, so if you think you might be one of these guys, don’t bother with me.  Dogging and casual sex are all I need right now.  Thanks